URL ENcoder


About this URL decoder

With this amazing free tool, you can decode an encoded URL into a human-readable format. Use our URL-encoder.com tool to encode the URL

URL-Decoders takes a URL encoded string and converts it into a plain text string by decoding the special characters that are contained in the URL.

An encoded URL contains only those characters that are easily transmitted by the query string to avoid confusing browsers in query string parameters.

What is URL decoding, and how does it work?

The opposite operation of URL encode is URL decoding.

URL decoding is simply transforming the encoded URL string into plain text form. It replaces a set of special characters in the URL with their plain text equivalents to convert it into normal letters, numbers, spaces and symbols.

How do I use thie Free & Online URL-Decoders.com tool?

To decode the URL. Perform the following steps.

  • Copy the encoded URL from your browser or other source.
  • Paste the encoded URL into the box above.
  • Click the "Decode" button.
  • The decoded text will appear in the other box.