URL DEcoder

Features of this URL-DEcoder

You may decode an encoded URL into a human-readable format with this fantastic free tool. To encode the URL, use our URL ENcoder service.

By decoding the special characters present in the URL, URL-Decoders turns a URL encoded string into a plain text string.

To prevent errors in browsers when transmitting query string parameters, an encoded URL comprises just those characters that are easily communicated via the query string.

What exactly is URL decoding and how does it function?

URL decoding is the inverse operation of URL encode.

Simply said, URL decoding is the process of converting an encoded URL string into plain text. It converts the URL into conventional letters, numbers, spaces, and symbols by replacing a set of special characters in the URL with their plain text equivalents.

Instructions for using the URL-Decoders.com Free & Online tool

To decode the URL. Execute the actions below.

  • From your browser or another source, copy the encoded URL.
  • In the area above, paste the encoded URL.
  • Click on the "Decode" button.
  • In the other box, the decoded text will be displayed.